Nueva Granada
Paul Horgan and the Southwest
Literary Criticism
5.5 x 8.5, 160 pp.
Pub Date: 05/01/1995
Tarleton State University Southwestern Studies in the Humanities
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Nueva Granada

Paul Horgan and the Southwest

By Robert Franklin Gish

In a delicate balance between old and new, Nueva Granada presents a long personal interview that has never before been published to complement a fresh, updated selection of Robert Franklin Gish's many essays and articles about Paul Horgan and his Southwestern writings. In a career that spans seven decades, Paul Horgan's fiction and non-fiction have provided readers with an ardent regard for the lives and landscapes, history and lore of the land the Spanish explorers called Nueva Granada. As Gish revisits Horgan's work, he discovers an evolving Southwest, a land filled with diversity and new perspectives. In No Quarter Given, A Distant Trumpet, The Peach Stone, Far from Cibola, Whitewater, Josiah Gregg and His Early West, The Thin Mountain Air, Conquistadors in North American History, Lamy of Santa Fe, Mexico Bay, and many other works, Horgan provides readers with a classic image of the West, but Gish shows us that Horgan transcends regions and touches on universal qualities. In fact, Gish stresses Horgan's recognition of a new West, a place that is not only dense with geographic diversity, but ethnic and cultural diversity as well. Both Horgan's work and Gish's critical essays and his interview with the author reveal the "heroic triad" of cultures. Nueva Granada explicitly explores Horgan's reactions to and portrayals of American Indian, Spanish/Mexican, and Anglo interrelationships in the old West that has now become new. Gish is a sensitive explorer as he travels the boundaries and borders of Horgan's fiction and history.

Robert Franklin Gish is director of the Ethnic Studies Program at California Polytechnic State University. He is author of Paul Horgan, Frontier's End: The Life and Literature of Harvey Fergusson, Songs of My Hunter Heart: A Western Kinship, First Horses: Stories of the New West, and, most recently, When Coyote Howls: A Lavaland Fable.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Noted western literary critic Robert Gish collects here a revealing and rewarding gathering of his sprightly essays about Paul Horgan and the multicultural Southwest. . . . A treat for specialists and generalists alike.”--Richard W. Etulain, director of the Center for the American West, University of New Mexico

"Noted western literary critic Robert Gish collects here a revealing and rewarding gathering of his sprightly essays about Paul Horgan and the multicultural Southwest. . . . A treat for specialists and generalists alike.” --Richard W. Etulain, director of the Center for the American West, University

"Nueva Granada reinforces Robert Gish's reputation as a foremost scholar on the life and work of Paul Horgan. It is the summation of decades of research, reading, thoughtful analysis, and publication." --W. Turrentine Jackson (professor of history emeritus, University of Californi

"Gish's Horgan almost lives and breathes. In this labor of love and admiration, Gish proves his claim that Horgan is a world-class writer, and certainly a premier Southwestern writer. Through essays and an interview with Horgan Gish deftly reveals not only Horgan's greatness, but the appeal and charm of Nueva Granada itself." --Glenda Riley, Alexander M. Bracken Professor of History, Ball State Universit

"Gish's perceptive account is a landmark effort exploring the life and work of a remarkable but unfortunately neglected talent." --Lawrence Clayton

"Here Robert F. Gish examines Paul Horgan's enduring value as an American writer--a supreme stylist who stands as a true person of letters. But he also views the author as a conservative producer of partisan history and wonders whether Horgan's heroes can still be our heroes. The essays in this book focus on a half dozen of Horgan's finest works and provide us a warmly sympathetic appraisal of his place in our national literature. Gish, himself a skilled craftsman, pays tribute to his subject in a study that is well researched and balanced. His book should enhance the standing of Paul Horgan and earn him an even larger readership." --Marc Simmons, historian

" . . . interesting and well balanced, an enlightened and sensitive discussion of Horgan as the `transcontinental American writer. . . . Bob Gish's work offers a sound argument in favor of the continued publication of collections of substantive essays. He has sent me back to my Horgan shelf to reread some of those classic books." --Charlotte T. Whaley, author of Nina Otero-Warren of Santa Fe (UNM Press 1994)

"Any appreciator of the author of two Pulitzer Prize winners . . . will be both entertained and challenged by the assessment of these and other works by Robert Gish." --Amarillo News-Globe

"Since the most wonderful facet of reading is that it allows the reader to interpret an author's work for himself, perhaps Nueva Granada will inspire us to reread Horgan and assign our own symbols to his work." --Roundup Magazine

“. . . Nueva Granada is especially Gish’s personal tribute to a much loved author, and this sincere enjoyment and appreciation of Horgan both as an author and as a person is the greatest strength of the collection. . . .” --Western American Literature

“. . . in the introduction to Nueva Granada Gish builds a good case for Horgan’s being ‘not exclusively a southwestern writer,’ or even ‘one of the premier western American writers’ but ‘a world-class writer and prose stylist.’ Through a series of eight critical essays he proves his point. . . . The book includes a delightful comparison between Horgan and Willa Cather, whom he once interrupted at work at the La Fonda in Santa Fe, . . .Gish’s book will benefit anyone who has read Horgan and will entice those who haven’t to try him.” --Southwestern American Literature


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