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Architecture That Speaks

S. C. P. Vosper and Ten Remarkable Buildings at Texas A&M
Nancy T. McCoy  and David G. Woodcock
Photographs by Carolyn Brown
Foreword by Michael K. Young
When the A&M College of Texas opened its doors in 1876, its early buildings followed a Victorian architectural style. Classical architecture came to the campus with the Academic Building, after the 1912 fire that destroyed Old Main. Subsequent buildings generally followed this neoclassical path, but ...

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My Guitar Is a Camera

Watt M. Casey Jr.
Foreword by Steve Miller
With Essays by Mark Seal, Joe Nick Patoski, and Bill Bentley
And Contributions by Susan Antone, Herman Bennett, Denny Freeman, Lindsay Holland, Craig Hopkins, Geoff Ice, Jamey and Geoff Ice, and Diane Lee
The evening of May 10, 1970, found a young Watt M. Casey Jr. standing awestruck, only a few feet from Jimi Hendrix as the legendary guitarist tore into his unique arrangement of “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the stage of San Antonio’s Hemisphere Arena during the ...

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