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David J. Murrah
Foreword by Bishop D. Max Whitfield
cloth / 978-1-933337-35-7 / $34.95
The Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church has a complicated and fascinating history. Its story parallels that of the settlement of the frontier of Northwest Texas. ... More
Edited by Thomas D. Mays
cloth / 978-1-893114-24-1 / $29.95
The most revealing and touching passages written during the American Civil War are found in letters exchanged by loved ones. The letters of South Carolina Cavalryman James Michael ... More
Edited by Lou Halsell Rodenberger
Foreword by David Coffey
cloth / 978-1-893114-32-6 / $29.95
Historian David Coffey wrote that the "late Texas folklorist and historian Lawrence Clayton found beauty where many might see only mesquite and limestone; he found humor in unlikely ... More
Donald S. Frazier and Robert F. Pace
cloth / 978-1-933337-30-2 / $49.95
Every city has a look and feel that informs how people respond to it. Visitors react to the skyline, clean streets, traffic patterns and the like, while its ... More
Phil Collins
Essays by Donald S. Frazier, Stephen L. Hardin, and Richard Bruce Winders
cloth / 978-1-933337-50-0 / $49.95
When Phil Collins was a kid growing up in a London suburb, he would often watch an amazing show on his family television.  There, in black and white, ... More

Gary S. Zaboly

hardcover / 978-1-933337-46-3 / $79.95
  An Altar For Their Sons: The Alamo and the Texas Revolution in Contemporary Newspaper Accounts is a collection of rare documentary materials, the great majority of them not seen ... More
paper / 978-1-933337-62-3 / $24.99
During the Civil War era, American society faced a number of challenges.  Issues of morality and gender roles emerged as areas of contention concerning prostitution. Because of the ... More
April D. Stumpff
hardcover / 978-1-933337-12-8 / $14.95
Ann Richards was one of the best-known and beloved governors in Texas history, the only woman to be elected to that office on her own merits. But she ... More
By Douglas John Cater
paper / 978-1-933337-25-8 / $21.95
Cater's reminiscences of his Civil War experiences, simply titled As It Was, comprises a superbly detailed and colorful description of a soldier's life in the ranks of the ... More
cloth / 978-1-880510-81-0 / $17.95
These stories by a noted Texas historian recall a time when a kid could go to the picture show with fifteen cents in his pocket, purchase admission for ... More